When it's Spring but the Weather Doesn't Quite Agree

So I’ve totally been boycotting my coat lately in “observance of spring.” Or because I’m being stubborn, but y’know. I even went as far today to wear nothing but a lace kimono over my short sleeve top. it was 18 degrees. A couple people asked me “aren’t you cold?!” to which I replied “Yep!”
You see, I’m used to summer year-round. I hail from the good ol’ region of South Florida. I always longed for the four seasons and now that I’m blessed with that I couldn’t be happier. But this year has been redonk. It’s been the longest winter I’ve experienced yet and according to locals the longest in a long time. So naturally I’ve fallen pattern with the bitter tendencies that can come with living up here full time.
But I don’t accept that because it’s not who I am. So today I decided no matter what the forecast reads the rest of this month I am going to be grateful and allow my joy to continue to overflow.
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So, naturally, today I wore one of my favorite non-winter outfits: dark ripped skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt dress, and a pink lace kimono. Of course I had to top it off – quite literally – with my most favorite hat from yours truly.
I’m really thinking of bringing this hat back in stock. It’s so unique and beautiful!
fashion, style, spring
If you would buy this hat comment below and let me know!
fashion, style, spring

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