Host a Private Shopping Party

Want to host a private shopping party for all of your friends? Every guest will get 10% off their purchase just for showing up, and as the hostess you will receive rewards for every dollar spent by your guests! Rewards can be accumulated throughout the event and used to treat yourself to something nice at the end (or whenever you want to shop during the party). The hostess provides the space and guest list, and snacks and refreshments (and of course all your shopping needs) will be provided by Darling Daughter Co! Read the details below and fill out the contact form to get started.


Step One: Choose a Theme

Whether it’s a birthday party, ladies night out/in, bridal party, bonding party, holiday soirée, or just because- choose your reason for throwing a private shopping party.

Step Two: Create a Guest List

The goal is to make a guest list of all of your shopping-loving friends. Mare sure to have a minimum of 10 guests who can make it. Feel free to ask your guests if they’d like to invite anyone. 

Step Three: Choose a Date and Time

Think of a date and time that would work for your party. Mid week after work party? Weekend evening? Saturday brunch? Once you decide when you’d like to have it during the week, we can work together to pick a date.

Step Four: Invite your Guests

Darling Daughter Co will provide the invite graphics to send your guests. If you prefer to hand deliver them you may print them out and do so. 

Step Five: Attend the party!

The day of your party, Darling Daughter Co will set up a table with a couple non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments. If you’d like to have an alcoholic drink such as mimosas or sangria, that is fine, but you must provide the alcohol. You are also welcome to bring any additional food or drinks, but must let me know in advance so I can plan for it. 

We will provide the decor and balloons, as well as the plates, cups, utensils and napkins. 

All of your guests (and their guests, if there are any) will receive 10% off their order at the party. If you have guests that can't shop in person we will provide you with an online 10% off code so that those guests can still shop with you!

will be available throughout your party to assist with any questions your guests have and help them find the perfect styles :)