About Me

Darling Daughter Co, an online women's clothing boutique and women's movement

Hello! Glad you are here. Let me first introduce myself- my name is Ashlee Charpentier, founder of this here Darling Daughter Co. I’m a wife, mama, and creative-driven Darling Daughter of the King. I dream of owning a coffeeshop and storefront boutique, writing books, raising my family in the beautiful northern Minnesota country, singing and songwriting, being in movies, traveling around to reach girls and women with the love of Jesus, and so much more. You could say I'm a very passionate woman :)

Darling Daughter Co is more than an online boutique, it’s a movement- to speak love, truth and identity over girls and women, to encourage modesty and purity, to redefine empowerment and womanhood, to call Darling Daughters of the King into their purpose. DDCO was birthed out of the desire for everyone to experience the same incredible, redemptive, unconditional love of the Father that kept pursuing me when I was lost and broken. The desire to tell you He is pursuing you, He loves you, He is reaching out His tender hand and calling you Daughter. You are His Darling…

In a time where it is normal for girls to show a lot of skin, to seek affirmation in others, to crave attention, to give into the pressures of sex, and to not only be okay with being ogled but to encourage it, I believe we need to start standing up and speaking the truth so every girl and woman on Earth knows their true value and worth: that we are created in the image of God and our identity is found in Him. We are beautiful and precious, valued and respected! We are unique and pure and special and LOVED.

The boutique is a collection of clothing that reflects this movement, that encourages girls and women who love to express themselves through fashion (I’m one of them) to dress modestly. It says: you are valuable and loved for who you are not what you look like. The movement is an outreach to call girls and women into a community of encouraging, loving sisters and, ultimately, His Kingdom. I want to see identities restored… Chains broken… People set free… Revelations had… Hearts wrecked by love!

Please feel free to message or email me, subscribe to the blog and follow along on social media :) I would love to hear from you!

Likewise, if you would love to work together, please email me at darlingdaughterco@gmail.com! I am always looking for contributors to the blog, social media brand ambassadors, and any other creative collaboration.