About Me

The Owner

My name is Ashlee Charpentier; I’m a wife, mama and lover of fashion, design, coffee, writing, and reading- amongst other things. I have always been a bit of an odd duck, dancing to the beat of my own drum. Growing up, I explored MANY different styles before finding what I now own as “mine.” Even through my very strange fashion stages, I was very passionate about it. I knew fashion would be part of my future one day, I just didn’t know how. I now can’t imagine expressing this love of mine any differently. I’m so thankful to anyone that supports this little dream of mine.

The Backstory

Darling Daughter Co was founded in 2017 when I became a stay at home mama to my first. I wanted a way to express all the passion that was stored up inside me - passion for fashion, for business, and for making an impact on girls and women around the globe through my love for Jesus, people and clothing. I wanted to create something unique that fulfilled a need for quality, affordable clothing not like the rest of the cookie-cutter boutiques. I ran it for 2.5 years by myself from my home and loved every minute of it. In March 2020, I decided to close for a while to spend some much needed time away to regain my original vision and desires for my business. I knew it wasn’t the end forever, just a long break. A breather. A time to be present with my family, to learn and grow, and to really hone in on what I wanted my business to be. The time away has done wonders for me and my business, and it has never felt more right to launch this dream. 

Why 'Darling Daughter' (A Very Real and Raw Truth)

Moving around a lot as a child, losing my circle of friends during the hardest time of my life, going through a nasty divorce between my parents as a teenager, being bullied in school, battling learning disabilities and ultimately dropping out of high school, starting to find comfort and “purpose” in boys, being forced to do things I didn't want to do, drinking and smoking to fill the void, being sexually abused by my boyfriend's friend and then blamed for it by my boyfriend, getting my heart broken again and again, and ultimately falling into a path of destruction because of my pain and feeling of worthlessness. I loved God and I knew He loved me, but I didn't really know. I struggled with not knowing my identity for many years. I felt alone and unloveable. Who was I? What was my purpose? Why do I feel so empty? And then... Jesus. A man came along who is now my husband and resembled Jesus in a way that shook me. He spoke love and identity over me and showed me my worth. He showed me Jesus in a way I had been longing to know Him. He showed me that I am a Darling Daughter of the King, and that I am so loved and cherished and worthy. From then on, it became my burning desire to share that revelation with every single girl and woman out there. I know that I'm not the only one to go through the traumatic things that I went through. I know there are so many out there longing to be shown what I was shown. So that is why the name ‘Darling Daughter Co.’ If you have never heard these things before, or even if you have but never believed it, let me be the one to tell you: you are loved. You are special. You are worthy. You are a Darling Daughter of the King who thinks the world of you. It doesn't matter what religion you are, what political party you're a part of, what things you do or choices you make, you are LOVED. I will never shove my faith down your through, but I will tell you that Jesus loves you and so do I. And you are welcome here. Always. :)