My Favorite Afternoon Juice-Me-Up

healthy green juice
Cheers to juicing season!  

Our juicer has been packed away since we moved in October, deep in a large plastic tote full of pre-pregnancy clothes that I suddenly remembered I had. As I was trying on the long lost clothes that haven't fit me in almost a year, I was pretty excited to be reunited with the wonderful health-nut tool that used to be a part of my routine quite regularly. 
So of course I thought I would share with you all my all-time favorite juice that I make :) 
healthy green juice fresh vegetables
1 apple, your favorite kind
2-3 slices of ginger root; let your senses guide you on this one- the stronger the smell, the more powerful it'll be in your juice! (Which I LOVE)
1/2 a cucumber
2 stalks of kale, stems included
4 hearts of celery
5 romaine leaves
Lemon juice, fresh if you have it but I usually use bottled

Here are the super complicated instructions:

1. Prep the goods.
healthy green juice fresh vegetables fruit
2. Start juicing!  
healthy green juice fresh vegetables fruit
3. Snap a picture of your adorable, snot-nosed (literally) little human watching with very curious eyes from front row. (Yes, my son has a pink bumbo. It was a hand-me-down from his cousins, okay?!)
baby stay at home mom
4. Add some lemon juice. Then add some more. (If your bottle is anything like mine it comes out in very skinny streams) 
lemon juice
5. Mix and pour over ice 😉 
Voila! A super easy, refreshing juice to give you a little pickup this afternoon.

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YUM!!!! Sounds so refreshing!

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