Amazon & Usborne Preschool Homeschool Haul

I've been on a hunt for simple and affordable preschool homeschool activities/materials and I recently had quite the haul from Amazon and Usborne! These have been staples in our home lately. The kids can do "school" whenever they feel like it, without the formality of sitting down to do "school." Know what I mean? We've taken some of these in the car, they've done them at the kitchen table in the morning, afternoon, before dinner. I love activities like these that teach my kids subtly and with ease. And not to mention, they're fun!

The books in this haul have been favorites as well. My son has me read Peek Inside Bug Homes every night and has learned so much about bugs in that little book. It inspires him to want to learn more about about the bugs featured on those pages, and that makes my mama heart so happy. The Lift-the-Flap ABC book has been a fun one for them to get their hands on and practice their letters and corresponding sounds. I just LOVE the way my son's face lights up when he knows the letter or sound!

Two of our favorite read aloud books are The Children's Book of Virtues, which I purchased off Amazon, and Usborne's 10 Ten-Minute Stories, which I obviously got from Usborne. In both of these books, the illustrations are beautiful. The stories are engaging and so fun to read. My kids are pretty wiggly when I read to them, but they do pretty well with the stories in these books. 

I thought I'd link everything below so you can check them out. Disclaimer: I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

My kids were SO excited when the goodies came! They didn't even bother to take off their costumes before digging in, haha.



Magnetic Letter Board

Toddler Busy Book 

Children’s Book of Virtues

Paint with Water Books

Wooden Letter Flash Cards

Usborne Books & More

Usborne's First Wipe-Clean Alphabet Book

Usborne's Wipe-Clean Pen Control Book

Usborne's Peek Inside Bug Homes


Usborne's Lift-the-Flap ABC

Usborne's 10 Ten-Minute Stories

I created a 'Homeschool' list on Amazon as I am always coming across fun activities I'd like to add to my collection. I figured I'd go ahead and show those here to help my fellow toddler mamas out! Whether you are homeschooling or not, these are fun tools to have for your kids to learn while also playing. Enjoy :)


Other great homeschool items on my Amazon list:

Magnetic Letters 

Wooden Letter Tracing Board

Wooden Letter Tracing Set

Montessori Tracing Sand Tray

Sensory Bin Tools

Erasable Doodle Book

Our Little Adventures Book Set: Stories Featuring Foundational Language Concepts for Growing Minds

Montessori Matching Letter Flash Cards

Wooden Calendar and Learning Clock

Animal Figurines with Matching Cards

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle for Kids

Wooden Peg Board Beads Game

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