Darling Daughter Co: Having a Growth Mindset

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Fixed mindset: being praised for being really smart and gifted, but not knowing that it’s all about effort. No resilience when you don’t achieve what you want.

Growth mindset: you have the capability to learn new things through work. If you work harder, work differently, work at the problem from a new angle, try again, you’ll figure it out.

(Information taken from Take Control of Your Life by Mel Robbins)

A good friend and mentor helped me see something. Recently I achieved a status at something that I didn’t think would happen and it was so invigorating. I was on top of the world, over the moon, ecstatic. And guess what happened after? I immediately hit a plateau. And I started questioning if I should be even doing what I was doing. It was the same thing I’ve done many times with my boutique, something that I am extremely passionate about. Something that energizes me like no other. I questioned if I should be doing it when it started getting harder- more than once, but speaking more recently.

I honestly didn’t even consider that it was me quitting or giving up because in my mind I was putting my family first and I simply wouldn’t have the time and resources to put into it to make it successful until I had a brick and mortar. But as I’ve been listening to this audiobook that my dear friend and mentor referred me to, Take Control of Your Life by Mel Robbins, my eyes are being opened like never before. The truth is that Darling Daughter Co energizes me. I find joy and fulfillment in the mission behind my boutique, and heck even in selling cute clothes! So why would I put it on hold until some far off thing happens, like having a storefront, in the name of “being smart?” Fear. It’s all based on fear, not being good enough, failing, being laughed at, not reaching my big goals. And I’m done with that! I’m done with fear taking over.

You know what I’ve found since I decided to close my store? I am dang good at this. And not only that but people want what I have to offer! The area I am in is perfect for what I’m doing, it needs more of it! I have met so many awesome ladies who have come to shop my clothes as I’ve been trying to sell through my inventory, and even some ladies on the local mom’s Facebook group, and they have all told me the same thing: you should stay open. You have such cute clothes. Williston needs more clothing boutiques.

I was so sure that I’d be closing for a long time, that I wouldn’t have my online store again until I had a storefront one day in the future. Because the online space is just too hard, I have two little ones at home, I don’t have the time or resources to grow and thrive... But as I’ve been selling off my inventory I’ve realized just how much I LOVE it. And why should I have to wait to pursue what I love when I can take advantage of where I’m at and what I have at this very second? As Mel Robbins says- how do you build a lego set? Block by block...

I'll be the first one to admit that I've been stuck on the big picture of what I want Darling Daughter Co to be that I have found myself overthinking the whole thing and getting overwhelmed to even take a step. It's funny because so many motivational speakers tell you to focus on the big picture for that to be your source of motivation- make dream boards, print pictures out and put them all around you, etc. But for me, it was doing the opposite of motivating me! I think it's that way for a lot of people. We need practical ways to take steps towards our dreams, little steps that are realistic for where we're at.

So before I end up a rambling on and losing my audience I am just going to leave it at this. Darling Daughter Co will remain in business. Hold up, let me say that again...

Darling Daughter Co is IN BUSINESS!!!!

And before you roll your eyes at me for going back and forth, I want you to think about this. Is there something in your life you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t due to fear of failure? I can almost guarantee there is. That’s what this has been for me. It’s what I’m passionate about but I’ve half-assed it the last two years so as not to fail. So instead of rolling your eyes maybe ask yourself why it is that you’re annoyed at seeing someone attempt their dreams “yet again.” Is it because you think I’m a schmuck who should quit trying to follow what energizes me and pursue my dreams? Or because you’re annoyed that I’ve been going back and forth while trying to figure this out? OR is it because YOU have dreams you want to fulfill and you’re afraid of failing so you just think about them all the time instead of doing them and you get upset anytime you see someone going after THEIR dreams? Think about it...

So, no, I will not apologize for being brave and going after the things I want. I won’t apologize for stopping and starting and stopping and starting because it’s all apart of this journey in life. It’s my journey to finding what sets my soul on fire. I’m not afraid to put myself out there, to fail, to feel embarrassed, to looklike I’m trying to figure things out because, news flash, I am! I will, however, apologize to myself and those around me for hiding my potential and treating it like a secret, or something that doesn’t matter. Rachel Hollis talks about how we talk about our dreams and the things we’re going after. We tend to talk it down, like “oh, yeah, I just do this little side gig from my phone while I stay at home with the kids” or “yeah I sell jewelry but it’s just a hobby” and so on. NO!!! All that does is keep you where you’re at and completely flatline your potential to grow and thrive! You have to SPEAK destiny and success over your life, your business, your everything. I am a freaking boutique owner, building a million dollar brand and company that’s going to do GREAT things- no, that IS doing great things.

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I want to hear you say what you’re going after that others may think you’re crazy for. Or what you have been dreaming of going after but have let the fear and negativity of those around you stop you from taking any real steps. Drop a comment below, on Instagram, or on the Facebook group!

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