Happy New Year!

What's on your horizon this new year?

2016 was an incredible, full year packed with adventures, surprises, revelations, visions, dreams and so many exciting new ventures. As I reflect on the year and how the Lord has completely blown me away I can't help but be excited for this next one, and no matter what this past year looked like for you I encourage you to be too. What dreams and visions have been brewing in your heart? What goals have you desired to meet and are tired of putting off? How can you grow? How can you help others grow? What things is the Lord opening your eyes to? There is always something to be excited about, to look forward to, to learn and grow in. Step into this new year knowing you have purpose and go after it...

I plan to: birth and be mom to a beautiful, healthy baby boy; constantly be a better wife, daughter, sister and friend; love as many people as possible into His kingdom; help others see their potential as I build a team of independent business owners who are passionate about not only giving the gift of great skin but the gift of being your own boss and working from home; focus more on my Etsy crafts, keyboard learning, book writing and blog; and build a business plan for my future coffee shop and boutique...... How about you? Don't be afraid to make plans based on the all too feared "New Years resolutions" - don't let yourself fail before you even start. So, with that said... Cheers to the new year! 

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