It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Au-tumn!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Au-tumn! Which in my book means lots of fun fall-inspired crafts. Today's cold and rainy project: dream catcher mobile for baby's room! 😍 Finished product to be pictured soon...
Why do I feel SO much more motivated when it’s cold and what some may call “dreary?” Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but it’s pretty true. It’s only slightly starting to feel like fall, with the weather sneaking into the 60s and stores putting out their fall decor and clothes, and I feel so full of joy I could burst. I wake up earlier than usual, open the doors and windows, and let the autumn-ish weather sweep through while I sip my coffee and I am instantly inspired to do the things that can often seem like a difficult task otherwise. Like write, or craft. Yes, yes, I know these are the things I’m passionate about, but sometimes those are the hardest activities to fill our time with, am I right? I don’t quite know a cut and dry “why” to that silly conundrum, but I do know that it has nothing to do with our abilities and everything to do with our heart. If our hearts are open to the Lord, the possibilities and our abilities are endless. When we are filled with Him, His love, everything we do flows from that place. It can’t be anything but glorious!
For me, fall is one of those special things that really opens up my heart. Not at all am I saying that the simple concept of a season brings me a false sense of purpose because, well, I already know I have purpose. But if our hearts are positioned to the Lord we can allow inspiration to come from just about anywhere. It could be playing guitar, writing, working out, taking old pieces of furniture and bringing them back to life… I truly believe inspiration and motivation are such simple concepts that we tend to overthink. For a long time it seemed impossible for me to “find” inspiration. In other words, the idea of me accomplishing dreams of mine was inconceivable. Truth be told, I was in a pit that I needed out of before doing anything. In those times trying to do is nothing more than just that: trying. I think we have to know our purpose and identity as a beloved child of the Father before we can truly do to our full ability.
I’m certainly not one hundred percent to the point of always knowing who I am and living in that Truth. I’ll admit I have my [many] days. Like the other day when my husband came home super late from work which was completely out of his control and I gave him the cold shoulder. Why? Because it was already 8:30 when he got home and instead of coming in right away he stayed outside on the phone for a half hour. I went from being happy to see him to angrily making dinner and ignoring him… I mean, really? Haha, it’s so ridiculous saying it out loud. So it makes sense why when we’re not fully operating or living in True Love even the simplest things become hard, like in the situation I just mentioned laying down my false rights and loving my husband regardless of what I thought was right or wrong. And even so, activities that we are passionate about and may even be very gifted in become tiresome and lacking. A couple weeks ago I was making a gift for my husband’s birthday. I was down to just a few days to finish it and let myself be stressed and annoyed while I began working on it. Nothing and I mean NOTHING was going my way. It was like I had zero talent whatsoever and even less knowledge about what I was doing. Finally, I tossed it aside and about gave up on the whole thing. Later in the day, I came to the point of just surrendering it to the Lord. I know that probably sounds really silly, surrendering something so little, but sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and admit we can’t do even the simplest things without Him. I said, “what’s the point of making a gift if it’s not in love? Lord, I want this to be made in love, so I surrender it to You because You are love.” And just like that, I was golden. The next morning I woke up in a completely different mindset. I turned on worship music instead of mindless television and worshipped Jesus while I worked, and suddenly it wasn’t work! It was glorious. If everything I set out to accomplish were like that, I would be so successful. But I’m realizing more and more that if we’re not filled with Him we are essentially empty, or at least filled with empty things. But that’s still being empty. It’s so hard to be passionate and successful in those times; everything flows out of vain attempts. Sure, we may be so practiced that no matter our attitude we can produce good things. But man, I want to shoot for excellent all the time! Not for my own glory, but for His. I want everything I do - everything I say, who I am - to represent Him. To point to His undying, incredible, unconditional love for us...
So I suppose that’s a huge reason why I love fall so much: it reminds me of His love and to be filled with it at all times. So everyday can be like waking up on a crisp, delightful fall morning- full of joy and love, passion and excitement. Mmmm, that sounds so nice… Doesn’t it? :)

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