The Only Mirror Selfie I'll Probably Ever Post

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I love this image because it shows the most beautiful picture: the growth of my precious baby inside my womb and the pure joy and healthy glow it brings me...
Body image can really be tested when you're pregnant. It becomes so easy to build a habit of comparing yourself to other women, pregnant or not, and to constantly be worrying about things like weight or feeling beautiful. But 'beautiful' is not a feeling, nor is it an identity subjectively affirmed by others. One thing I have learned over the last couple years, and am still learning, is that finding affirmation in others is an endless, empty search. No amount of pretty photos, likes, comments, looks, words or hookups will define you, your beauty or your worth and the more you strive for those things the more you will continue to search for more. Your identity is not found in man but in the Son of Man- the one who died so that you would know just how loved and precious you are... 
You have worth greater than jewels, you are loved deeper than the seas, you are wrapped in beauty and splendor, and you are purposed for great things... Just ask Him:)

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