What I Learned Social Distancing in the Mountains

I’m not leaving tomorrow. You can’t make me. 🙃

This little getaway in the mountains has been life changing, and I don’t say that to be dramatic or to exaggerate our good time. I truly needed this. I have been filled with so many emotions the past two weeks- anger, sadness, depression, hopelessness, frustration, fear. To say I have always been a worrier is an understatement. It has definitely changed and gotten so much better in the last few years (large part in thanks to my hubby), but following the news of the virus and the effect it’s having on the entire world, and now our businesses along with so many others being effected and the future unknown, and the oil field taking a plunge, and of course reading way too many conspiracy theories has been a recipe for disaster in my heart and mind. We were also supposed to go to Hawaii on a big family vacation and that was the one thing getting me through the winter which was quite rough for me mentally and emotionally. We NEEDED that trip to recharge, to get away for a bit, to just enjoy life for a while and soak in the sun. But it was canceled and I was honestly devastated. I started becoming super fearful of what was happening in the world and my imagination took over. I started imagining the scariest scenarios and my anxiety skyrocketed. I felt debilitated, like living life was suddenly pointless. Thank the good Lord I was able to snap out of that, but I’m not going to lie a huge reason is because we decided to still have a little family getaway for the weekend. We figured we could still follow the social distancing guidelines by driving to a secluded cabin in the mountains- we could still keep to ourselves and be smart but also enjoy nature and be in a new place for a while. And I will tell you what- it is EXTREMELY peaceful out here. I have never really gotten to experience the mountains like this and I’ve absolutely fallen in love.

The beauty is breathtaking, but the quiet and stillness is so peaceful and it rejuvenates my soul. I can breathe. I can think. I can let go of all the panic-induced thoughts. I can enjoy present life.

Coming out here has made me realize how crazy people are acting in the midst of this pandemic. I’ve purposefully distanced myself from social media scrolling and myyyy oh my, the peace that I have in my heart is unreal! I love the quiet, slow way of living out here. It literally doesn’t even feel like there’s some scary pandemic or nationwide shutdown going on. There are many stores and attractions closed, yes, but people are still getting out and walking, bike riding, skiing. They are still living their lives. It doesn’t feel scary out here. I don’t see people panic buying toilet paper and groceries at the store or talking about conspiracies or the world ending. I’m sure that is in large part due to me not reading every article circulating on Facebook, but it also seems to be the way of life out here. We can all learn a little something from the people in the mountains 🏔

And so my hope going back home is to bring that peace and hope with me. No more reading every article or following every Facebook rabbit hole, no more googling the latest COVID-19 breaking news, no more looking for the things that disrupt my peace and bring me fear. Yes, I will stay informed, but I will not stay obsessed. I will use this time to grow my business, to grow in community, to grow my skills and talents and passions, to pursue what I want to pursue, to spend time with my family, to teach my kids, to help others convert their homes to safer and cleaner and more affordable products, to do everything I can to live the best, fullest life possible. I will use this time to THRIVE. How about you? 💕

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