My Favorite Organic/Sustainable Kids & Baby Clothing Brands That are Actually Affordable

organic cotton sustainable kids baby clothing brands

As I have been on the journey of cutting out the toxins from our lives, it only makes sense to look at the thing we are constantly coming in contact with: our clothes. Eventually, I’d like to overhaul all of our clothes, but I figured a good place to start would be the kids’ clothes. Since they are smaller and less defendable against toxins, it makes sense to prioritize them over my husband and I!

I’ve spent a couple years now really diving into this and researching organic and/or sustainable kids and baby clothing brands. There really are a ton out there, but it just depends on your budget. I would absolutely love to be able to only shop small and handmade- supporting small businesses is something very close to my heart. But we are just not in that place right now and that’s okay. I know there are many mamas out there in the same position as me- wanting better options for their family but also needing to stay within a budget. Honestly, with inflation being where it’s at right now, I think most of us can relate to needing to save money and budget! Even if you are someone with abundant finances, it’s still good to practice budgeting and being smart with your money. Just saying. But that’s a different topic for a different day, haha.

So here is my comprehensive list of affordable organic/sustainable kids and baby brands. The descriptions were taken directly from the website.

Walmart’s Easy Peasy

Easy & cozy dressing for your little ones. Designed for comfort with non-irritant flat seams & soft touch® fabrics. Made with our future in mind with colors inspired by nature. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100% certified, our collection features wholesome organic & recycled materials that lasts our little ones through a happy childhood.

Little Planet

100% certified organic cotton

From farm to finished piece, this collection was made with the highest global standard of textiles. To earn this certification, we had to show that:

  • each material is pure as can be

  • each step in the process is safe, supportive and sustainable

Little Co by Lauren Conrad

All of the pieces in the collection are made from 100% organic cotton, are OEKO-TEX certified, and come in sizes 0-24 and 2T-5T. Many of the styles are gender neutral, designed to be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire.

Colored Organics

Organic cotton & ethically produced. By choosing to be 100% sweatshop-free, we ensure that children play in our clothes, not make them. No child labor. Ever. Our garments are only made by adults who are working by choice and treated well. Our factories have safe working conditions that keep everyone‘s health and well-being in mind. Above-standard wages are paid to every worker so they can provide for their families. Workers are capped on how many hours they can work per week and are granted vacation time and holidays.

Jamie Kay

Each piece is designed from our studio in New Zealand and carefully considered to ensure our designs are not just exquisite but our quality is outstanding and perfect for your little ones.

Our garments are crafted with the loving hands of our team in India & China during our ethical production process ensuring all organic cotton is GOTS certified. Garments are coloured with Oeko certified dyes and arrive to your door safe & ready to be loved.

Kyte Baby

Bamboo is grown without the need for pesticides or chemicals, and is an extremely renewable resource. The bamboo used for our fabric is organic, but the final product cannot be considered organic, as it is 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex. Any bamboo spun/processed into stretchy knit viscose/rayon fibers cannot be certified as organic bamboo because of the chemical process used to break down the bamboo into fibers. However, we do not add any chemicals to the fabric itself (i.e. flame-retardant chemicals).

Little Sleepies

We use only use Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose fabric, custom milled to make the most comfortable PJs you’ll ever feel. Little Sleepies are incredibly soft to the touch and gentle on sensitive skin. Our jammies are perfect for year-round wear. Signature custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose fabric keeps your little one cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer! They’re also great for hot sleepers.

At Little Sleepies, we believe strongly in giving back to those in need. That’s why we donate a portion of every purchase to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that changes the lives of children with cancer through ongoing support and funding research for a cure.

Kate Quinn

While we do use GOTS certified organic cotton for some of our collections, not all of our products are made with certified organic materials. We focus on providing the highest quality products at affordable prices while striving to use responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly fabrics.

For our organic cotton collections, we use certified organic cotton that is grown using sustainable farming practices which maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Each organic cotton collection is made of ultra-soft, all-natural, organically produced cotton certified by GOTS and colored using low environmentally impact dyes.

Gap for Good

Made with organically grown cotton. Farmed without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organically grown cotton is better for people and the environment.

Make Make Organics

Our products are made from only the finest organic materials, which means you can trust that they're free from harmful chemicals and toxins that can harm your baby's health. From organic cotton clothing to natural skin care products, we have everything you need to keep your baby happy, healthy, and comfortable.

What sets us apart from other baby stores is our dedication to quality and sustainability. We believe that it's important to take care of our planet, which is why we only source our materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers. By choosing our products, you're not only providing your child with the best, but you're also making a positive impact on the environment.

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