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(- William Faulkner)
Encouraged by this this morning. I have so many exciting dreams and visions that could seem very unrealistic or improbable to outsiders- and that's okay! Living by faith is intimidating, even to me sometimes, but it's so worth it to not be standing in the shallows for the rest of my life; to instead take that scary leap into whatever calling I may be hearing, to trust in the One whose voice I hear... Even when I can't feel the bottom, don't know how deep I am or how far I've got left, I can rest in knowing He's there. Take heart, friends, for He has already been where He's leading you 🙌🏻
What's on your horizon that you're needing courage and faith to swim to? 😊

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So good and encouraging! Thank you for sharing! Exactly what I needed to be reminded of!

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